Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Gummie Awards Ballot

Below is the official 2009 Gummmie Awards ballot. After you've completed your ballot, please take a few minutes to make any comments on this year's nominees, and why you cast your votes.

The balloting will end on January 7th, and 11:59 PM and the final results will be posted to this blog and to Stale Gum shortly thereafter.

Thank you for your participation, and Always Be Collecting...

Chris Harris


  1. how are the T-206 mini cards considered inserts?

  2. Write in votes-

    Card of the Year T-206 Ty Cobb buyback and cut auto

    Worst Product- Unique

    Meaningless Product- Donruss EEE tied with BDPP

    Best Hobby News Source- (celebrating 10 years as a Beckett alternative)

  3. What happened to Chris and Cars Infinity on the video box breaker?

  4. Liked the Topps Wal-Mart blacks, but HATED the distribution strategy of the second series. Almost voted for the stealth variations for the similar reason that they were stacked into the same blaster once in a while.

  5. I love the Troll but...BEARDY FTW!!

    I love that hairy bastard.


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